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Tai is a professional internet marketer and his results are not typical. His experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may make more, less or the same.

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This is a rare opportunity. What I’m offering is the best deal I’ve ever made. For a limited time, I’m reducing the price of ALL these programs:

  • Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0
  • E-Commerce Blueprint
  • How to Invest
  • 12 Foundations
  • Traveling CEO
  • 67 Steps
  • E-Commerce Agency
  • Digital Social Marketing Consultant
  • Funnel Agency
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Over $7,000 in Value

For less than $200, you can learn about social media, ecommerce, real estate, or credit from the comfort of your home. Right now I imagine you have downtime with everything going on. Instead of binging videos, tune in to the same training that's helped build 6, 7, and even 8 figure businesses.

What You'll Get Access To

Social Media Marketing Agency 2.0

First released in 2016, this 4-month program has now helped more than 35,000 people start their own social media marketing agency. One of the most-successful students, Jaiden Gross, literally made $1.2 million within his first year. No matter if you have zero marketing experience, you'll learn how to get small business owners to pay you every month to manage their social media.

Ecommerce Blueprint

2017 was the first time in history more people shopped ONLINE than offline. In my Ecommerce Blueprint, you'll learn how to get an ecommerce store running -- ASAP, so you can profit from this skyrocketing trend. In addition to that, you'll also discover how to use social media to conquer your competition and scale beyond 6-7 figures.

How to Invest

Active income streams are great if you're a beginner, but the sooner you can build passive income from investing -- the better. With this program, you'll learn how to transition from trading time for money to having your money work for you. Even if you don't have a lot to start with, learning the principles of investing from this program will benefit you for life!

12 Foundations

The modern education system is based on a 150 year old idea -- training people to become factory workers. While not all education is bad, there are basically 12 key things you won't learn at school. In my 12 Foundations, you'll be given those key pieces of information and in-depth insights that teach you more about success, launching a business, real estate investing, growing your social circle, marketing, and getting in shape than any university will.

Traveling CEO

Too many people focus solely on making money instead of building a badass lifestyle. The problem with this approach is it increases stress and decreases productivity. One of the biggest benefits of my approach to entrepreneurship is having the freedom to work when I want, with who I want, and on whatever projects I want. It's all about working smarter, not harder. In Traveling CEO, you'll learn how I do it.

67 Steps

In my flagship program, that's already helped over 200,000 people, you'll learn how to master the four pillars of living The Good Life -- wealth, health, love, and happiness. Every day, for 67 days, you'll get an in-depth video or audio lesson from me that teaches you what I've learned from my mentors. The average person takes 66 days to build new habits, so I've created 67 daily in-depth audio and video lessons (one more was added for good luck)!

Digital Social Marketing Consultant

Get full access to the ultimate side hustle for earning a full-time income -- even though it only requires part-time work. As a Digital and Social Media Consultant, you'll learn top marketing strategies and get paid to give recommendations to businesses. Since you're only sharing strategy, it requires less of your time than doing the actual work. And when businesses request more help, you can earn a 4- to 5-figure commissions simply by referring your clients to my agency!

Funnel Agency

What worked in the past, like getting a degree, isn't so relevant anymore. You need new skills to get ahead. This is why I've created a step-by-step program that helps you master the same marketing strategy that's made me millions -- automated sales funnels. With Funnel Agency, you'll learn my sales funnel secrets and how to find lucrative clients who pay you monthly for your help!